When you are experiencing a problem call us. We will come to your home or business troubleshoot first, then diagnose the issue and provide the estimate for repair.


As the main conduit that distributes and regulates the flow of current within your home or business we evaluate and suggest any updates that balances the system better to avoid outages and or outdated.  Some of today’s electronic devices can lose data or close and cause an issue with startup. This situation that may require a dedicated line or just may be poorly or inadequately wired, which could present a dangerous condition.


We are well versed in the LED world. There are so many environment friendly and cost saving materials that allow people to increase the lighting while decreasing the cost. Our team can help to make changes to your existing system that will pay you back in comfort and dollar savings for years to come.  We cover all types of house alarms from the simplest front door system to the most sophisticated system that totally covers every area in your home.



The process of tracing wires through the walls of your house is a somewhat difficult task to achieve. This also makes the diagnosis a challenging feat as well. Then we often encounter the occasional homeowner who tries to do his own work and runs into difficulties. This is where we specialize, we will get it resolved.


The main electrical panel controls and distributes power throughout your home.  Once electricity is carried beyond your meter, it’s distributed to lights, receptacles, and appliances throughout the house by several different electrical circuits. Depending when your home was built or how many electrical systems you have added it may be out of date or under too much strain.

Some signs of this may be:

  • Need to unplug one appliance to use another
  • Lights flickering on and off
  • Circuit breakers that constantly trip off or fuses that frequently blow
  • The other reason you should consider upgrading your main panel box is renovation, particularly if you a re-modeling a kitchen or adding central air.


Whether you have an older home that met the old standards that requires a total upgrade, or you plan to build a brand new home, including us in the planning we can make life so much easier and give you a clear idea of cost. One of our crew who specializes in new residential will plan for your current needs and make sure that you have ample power to increase the load with additional appliances and or lighting.

One of our professional residential crew will able to provide

Repair to electrical wall outlets or switches

Installation of new wall systems