Electricity is a crucial part of our day-to-day lives and can very often be taken for granted.  When there is no light available, we notice how much we rely on electricity and how we cannot live without it.

Getting any electrical problems fixed becomes a priority. You should never attempt to work with electrical systems on your own.

Faulty Wiring can lead to deaths and fires; so leave it up to the professionals at Bianco Electric to keep your home safe.

Our Certified Nassau County electricians are the most reliable and trusted around. Each is professionally trained and licensed. Bianco Electric is committed to excellence honesty and integrity. Onsite an Electrician will give you a free estimate on the evaluation of the job and will show you what is needed in terms of supply, fixtures and materials and what is involved in doing your job.  All our jobs start off with a written estimate and a visit to your job site to review the jobs details.